1. DEC 2016 Intervew for Telemundo about Border Without Wall studio
  2. NOV 2016 Exhibition and lecture at University of Michigan
  3. NOV 2016 Interview for PROTOCOL Magazine fur Architektur im Kontext
  4. SET 2016 Interview for Goethe Institute
  5. AGO 2016 OpEd Challenges of Olympic Proportions is published at Huffington Post, Boston Herald, Dallas News, Philadelphia Inquirer
  6. JUL 2016 Essay about construction for Rio Olympics has more than 200,000 viewers
  7. MAR 2016 Innaugural Lecture at UFSC / exhibition other of the other goes to UFSC and Docomomo Recife
  8. JAN 2016 The exhibition other of the other gets the cover of New Architecture Magazine in China
  9. NOV 2015 Prof. Lara is keynote speaker at Universidad San Nicolas Hidalgo, Michoacan
  10. OCT 2015 Prof. Lara lectured at Florida International, UANL Monterreyand Mackenzie SP
  11. SET 2015 Publication of Quid Novi (with Sonia Marques)
  12. AUG 2015 Prof. Lara talks about the new book on Brazilian TV and at Escola da Cidade
  13. JUN 2015 The book tour and exhibition goes to Madrid, Munich, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo
  14. MAI 2015 Prof. Lara is keynote speaker at FJAL in Fortaleza, Brazil, where the exhibition had its second montage.
  15. APR 2015 Prof. Lara speaks at the MoMA/Architectural League seminar on Incrementalism, NYC.
  16. MAR 2015 The Exhibition "The Other of The Other" based on the book, opens in Austin
  17. JAN 2015 Publication of Modern Architecture in Latin America: Art, Technology and Utopia (with Luis Carranza)
  18. DEC 2014 Prof. Lara speaks at the COP-20 in Lima, Peru
  19. OCT 2014 Seminar on Planning vs Participation, UT/FAPESP
  20. SET 2014 Publication of LATITUDES 2
  21. JUL 2014 Lecture at PROPAR, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.
  22. JUN 2014 Prof. Lara's text about the World Cup published at Revista Perspectiva, Colombia
  23. JUN 2014 Prof Lara interviewed at Buzos, Mexico
  24. JUN 2014 Criação do Laboratório de Urbanismo Avançado com o Prof. Lara eleito seu primeiro presidente.
  25. MAI 2014 Seminar at IPEA, Brasilia, on the impact of developmentalism in Brazilian cities.
  26. MAR 2014 Prof. Lara lectured at Ohio State University and taught a 3-day seminar at Universidade Federal do Ceará.
  27. FEB 2014 Prof Lara lectured at Penn State University and Universidade Federal de Uberlândia.
  28. JAN 2014 Parede de Meia is available at iTunes and Kindle
  29. NOV 2013 Fernando Lara's interview with CBN
  30. OCT 2013 A new article about "The reverse of participatory processes in Brazil" is published in the Journal of Urban Design
  31. SET 2013 Prof Lara lectured about Public Space in the Americas at Monterrey (MEX), Bogota and Medellin (COL)
  32. SET 2013 A new guide of Brazilian Architecture is published (B. Santa Cecilia org), with an intro by Fernando Lara
  33. AUG 2013 Prof. Lara writes about the protests for Arquitetura e Urbanismo
  34. AUG 2013 The series about Spation Inequalities at Revista Forum becomes a permanent blog
  35. JUN 21 2013 Prof. Lara writes an Op-Ed about the recent protests in Brazil
  36. MAI 02 2013 Lara lecture at Parsons School of Design: Participation Matters
  37. MAR 2013 Prof. Lara começa uma série sobre Espaços de Exclusão da Revista Forum, textos 1, 2, 3, 4 e 5
  38. FEB 23 2013 OpEd about converging inequalities in Brazil and US published.
  39. DEC 15 2012 Prof. Lara publishes a new article "Imprecise Cartographies" on contemporary Latin American architecture.
  40. DEC 06 2012 Fernando Lara speakes to PBS News Hour about Oscar Niemeyer [audio link]
  41. DEC 04 2012 University of Texas School of Architecture to launch a Certificate on Latin American Architecture for all master's degrees.
  42. NOV 28 2012 Prof Lara delivers one of the keynote speaches at XXIV Congresso Panamericano de Arquitetos, Maceió, Brazil.

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