MOdern Architecture in Latin America



Written by Luis E. Carranza (Roger Williams University, Bristol RI) and Fernando Lara (University of Texas, Austin TX), Modern Architecture in Latin America: Art, Technology and Utopia is the first comprehensive text to cover the history and development of modern architecture throughout Latin America.

To accompany the release and presentation of the book, the authors have developed a simple exhibition that, in timeline form, organizes 300 buildings or case studies addressed in the book, their categorization, and their relationships and connections to other important architectural developments and world events. The exhibition will show from March 2 until March 30, 2015 at the Mebane Gallery of the University of Texas at Austin.

The exhibition consists of one large panel (6’ x 30’) and two projections featuring short documentaries of some of the projects as well as clips from that show the works as presented throughout film. In addition, a smaller foldable version of the panel will be distributed to visitors.
After Austin, the exhibition will open in Fortaleza, Brazil (May 5-10); Madrid / ETSAM (June 8-12), Rio de Janeiro and Monterrey in the second half of 2015

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